For Other services please visit the shop between the hours 8am – 6pm Mon – Fri. Sat 10am- 6pm and Sunday closed.

Watch Batteries

We can replace watch batteries for your watches. We only use the best quality Swiss made Renata batteries, which provide long lasting life.

For your peace of mind we will give you a one year guarantee for any battery we replace. Most batteries can be replaced within 10 mins.

Similar batteries can be used for your car keys, remote controls and many other electronic gadgets with the same one year guarantee.


At George’s in the Entrance to Finchley Road Tube station you will find a massive selection of the finest umbrellas from leading manufactures like Fulton, Susino and Happy Rain.

Prices range from cheap umbrellas approx £5 to our top of the range umbrellas which are up to £25.

With our great selection of different types of umbrellas on show we aim to be your first choice. Whether your looking for a cheap umbrella or a better quality umbrella we have more than fifty different styles of in many colours, prints and quality to choose from.

Our extensive stock of umbrellas includes:

  • Ladies mini Umbrellas
  • Telescopic Umbrellas for Men and Ladies
  • Automatic and manual Umbrellas
  • Walking length Umbrellas
  • Golfing Umbrellas
  • Folding Umbrellas
  • Wind proof and storm resistant Umbrellas

Visiting George’s be sure you will find an umbrella to suit your specific requirement. So don’t get caught out in the rain. Our umbrellas won’t let you down.

Bag Repairs

In addition to all the other services we also provide a professional repair service for leather bags, sachets, hand bags and shoulder bags. In order for us to assess that we can help you with your bag repairs you’re welcome to visit our shop.

After we carefully examine your bag then we will advise what we can do to repair or rectify your issue.

Every repair is different and we quote according to the work needing to be done.

The type of repairs we provide are:

  • Leather handle reattachment
  • Shortening and stitching straps
  • Broken seem restitch
  • Patch repairing
  • Replacing clasps, rings, clips, rivets and magnetic fasteners
  • Colour restoration

If your bag has shown a sign of wear or has been damaged in some way, don’t throw it away as we will be able to fix it. Our experienced team have the skills needed to restore faded leather, replace some hardware or stitch the broken handle and seems and restore your bag to it’s former glory.

Belt AIterations

If you have a belt in need of alternation in any way please pop in to the shop and enquire inside.

It also pays to check out the other services we offer. You might need our other services one day.


Shop In Entrance to Finchley Road Tube Station
219 Finchley Road,


Shop In Entrance to Finchley Road Tube Station
219 Finchley Road,

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